Our patients are admitted in accordance with the so-called coercive measures section (Section 10.3 on detention of pregnant substance abusers) of the Norwegian Health and Care Services Act. We also have voluntary admissions in the unit.

This treatment offered at Borgestadklinikken protects pregnant substance abusers and their unborn child against substance abuse.

We attach importance to provide the women with support and guidance in a difficult life situation, and one objective is to create a positive day-to-day life during the admission. We also attach great importance to create good relations between the detained patient and the staff.

The Special Care Unit staff is an interdisiplinary team comprises among others; nurses, social educators and child welfare workers. The patients are followed up by a treatment provider and monitored closely by a midwife and doctors during the pregnancy.

The purpose of the stay

  • To help the woman to protect her unborn baby
  • To offer her adequate help for her substance abuse and to become capable of caring for the child
  • To monitore the pregnancy and prepare the birth of the child
  • To motivate for further treatment after the birth

Coercion is not a method of treatment, but a framework for alliance and the starting point of the treatment process.

The substance abuse

Data from patients admitted 1996-2012: (n= 190)
65% Multible substance abuse
13% Amphet/benzo/Cannabis
12% Cannabis/opioids
4% Cannabis
3% Opiods
3% Alcohol
The women are between 18-44 years old. (med: 28)

External partners

  • We hold regular meetings with the substance abuse services and the patient.
  • We recommend collaboration with the child protective services during the stay at Borgestadklinikken
  • We collaborate with Telemark hospital in connection with the birth.

After the birth

  • 85% will continue with treatment after the birth. (patients who keep custady)
  • 46 % continue in treatment (patients who loose custady)
  • They are offered treatment and further guidance in our family unit ore in other institutions. Some of the women are in follow up programs in their communities.

The Law

It can be decided that a pregnant substance abuser is admitted, without her owv consent, to an institution selected by the regional health authority…..and is detained there during the entire period of pregnancy if the substance abuse is such that it is higly probable that the child will be born with injuy and if assistance measures are inadequate.

The county welfare board must also address whether urine samples may be taken from the pregnant woman during the stay at the institution.

The purpose of the detention is to prevent or limit the likelihood of injury to the child. During the stay emphasis must be placed on the woman being offered adequate care of the child.

– Section 10-3 in the Norwegian Health and Care Services Act

Facts about Borgestadklinikken

  • Owned by the Blue Cross.
  • Privat/Non profit/ part of public health care in Norway.
  • Locations in Skien, Drammen and Vennesla (close to Kristiansand)
  • A wide range of treatment offers for drug abuse, alcohol abuse/problems, medication abuse.
  • Offers help, support and treatment also for next of kin.

Our vision

“To be a nationally recognised treatment and competence centre for substance abuse and dependency issues in a family and generational perspective.“

Treatment in a holistic perspective

The perspective taken on the treatment of adults entails a preventive perspective in relation to the next generation:

Development psychology as the framework of understanding, with a focus on the patients’ own upbringing and own care and control responsibilities
Responsibility in relation to all patients and their children
Offer of treatment for pregnant women and families with small children.

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